Great video of ramp installation

This summer, both Belgia Seaways and Gothia Seaways had movable ramps installed. The ramps will function both as weathertight decks and driving ramps between decks 2 and 3 and with this, all decks can be loaded via the normal aft ramp instead of via an external ramp for deck 3.

The operation lasted approximately two months for each ship and included cutting one large hole of 60 x 5 metres and removing about 80 tonnes of steel, and after that installing some 110 tonnes of new steel and 90 tonnes of new ramp and equipment. Watching this video, you will get a good impression of how big a task that is.

Belgia Seaways serves on the Baltic routes and Gothia Seaways sails the North Sea, and they were back in service immediately after re-delivery from the yard.

Superintendent Nicolai Andersen says: “I am proud we managed to complete this project in the middle of a Corona pandemic, and it was only successful due to very good cooperation between DFDS LT, DFDS DK, Remontowa Shipyard, Naval Architect and other parties involved.”

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November 3, 2020