First steel plates arrive at GSI Shipyard

In front of the first batch of steel, from left: Morten Fenger Hauch, Steen Haurum, Hector Zarraga, Stig Björklund and GSI Quality Manager Jiang Lin Ju

On several occasions, we have reported on the construction of our six mega ro-ro vessels from Jinling, and, as you know, we are also starting to construct two 4,500 lane-metre ro-pax vessels in another region of China, at the GSI Shipyard.

It is always interesting to follow the whole construction process of a newbuilding from the sidelines, and see how the yard’s workforce transform massive steel plates into huge, beautiful ships. In this case, Steen Haurum, Site Manger at the GSI Shipyard, has just told us that the first steel plates have now arrived, to be made into section blocks that eventually will shape the ship.

Steen says: “This week the shipyard received the first batch of 240 pieces of standard A grade shipbuilding steel plates. The 13.5 mm thick plates are 2.5 m wide and 14.5 m long, and weigh about 3.8 tonnes each. All plates are marked with a quality stamp and steel specifications, as it is important to track and secure each single plate to ensure the overall quality.

When production starts according to the construction schedule, all the steel plates will be blasted and coated with one coat of shop primer. Then they will be ready for the production of the block sections. Each ship is made of over 300 ship building blocks, weighing up to 800 tonnes each, all made with different thicknesses of steel. The blocks will then be welded together to form the hull of the vessel.”

Thank you to Steen for this great update.

Steel being re-organised after delivery so that the first checks can be carried out on steel markings and quality.

Senior Site Superintendent, Morten Fenger Hauch inspecting for quality control and thickness measurements.

January 24, 2019