Finlandia – back in business

We are happy to show you recent pictures of Finlandia once again at sea after extensive repairs of damage caused by an engine room fire in April 2018.

Superintendent Ivan Bakken Jepsen and team have worked long and hard to get Finlandia back in business, so it was a great feeling for them when earlier this month Finlandia had her first trial run in Odense Fjord. Tests of control systems and engine systems were all successful and it did not take long before she set course for her first voyage to Immingham.

“Finlandia is now navigating the waters between Cuxhaven and Immingham. The new main engine is operating without any challenges, running with a sound like sweet music. It’s because of a perfect teamwork with the crew on board that Finlandia is safely back in operation again,” says Ivan.

Finlandia finalising tests on Odense Fjord. Pictures by Peter Therkildsen.

New main engine ready for operation. Picture taken by Ivan Bakken Jepsen.

November 19, 2018