Fantastic sea trial pictures of first mega ro-ro from China

Jens Peter Baltsersen, Senior Project Manager, is now back home from China, where he took part in the sea trial of our first mega ro-ro newbuilding from 10-17 January. Luckily, he did not just return home with the experience of having sailed on one of the world’s largest ro-ro vessels – he also brought some fantastic photos, which we are extremely proud to share with you.

Jens Peter says: “During the trial we tested that every inch of the ship was working properly and that all systems onboard were working normally. Following the sea trial, we will now make the final adjustments to make sure that the vessel can be ready for delivery in early February
“The enormous size of the vessel still amazes me every time I place myself on board and it makes me proud to be part of this huge project, that not only is a symbol of growth but also a significant part of DFDS history. I want to congratulate the site team, construction crew and the crew on board with a successful sea trial.”

As you know, two of the mega ro-ro newbuildings from China will go to the Mediterranean to accommodate the increasing demand for volumes between Turkey and the EU.

Please enjoy these photos and an unedited video from the sea trial.

January 21, 2019