Construction of third Jinling ship begins

We promised to keep you updated about the progress of the construction of our new mega-ships in Jinling, and there is plenty to report on as things keep developing quickly.

Firstly, we can show you a couple of very good pictures of the first of the newbuildings with the huge ramps down, demonstrating a very important competitive advantage that the ships offer. In addition to their 450-trailer capacity, the huge ramp system has been designed to support very fast loading and unloading of the cargo – mainly trailers – with simultaneous flows to and from more decks. This means that the ships need to spend less time in port and can spend more time at sea. It also means that we do not need special ramp systems on shore.  We have the loading infrastructure on board so we can use ports without these ramp systems. This gives us much more flexibility.

Furthermore, the first part of the shaft alignment has been completed, so the yard can start installing shafts, propellers and rudders later this week.

The second vessel is also slowly being put together, with steel sections placed close to dock 2 where it will be keel-laid after the launch of the first vessel in mid-July. The launch involves water being let into the dock so the vessel floats and can be towed to a quay outside the dock for completion


Finally, on Friday 22 June the cutting of the first steel plates for the third newbuilding was celebrated with the traditional ceremony at the steel laser cutter, with Jeppe Halkjær Pedersen from the site team there to press the button

June 25, 2018