Big, bigger, biggest

Three ship classes in one picture. Ark Germania, Humbria Seaways and Ficaria Seaways each represents a class and size of ships. The picture was taken in Immingham by Captain Lars Skjold-Hansen

Captain Lars Skjold-Hansen has been so kind to share a photo of three of our Ro-Ro ferries in Immingham.


These three ferries represent each one Ro-Ro-series of different sizes and lay-out.

• This means the ARK-class with three cargo decks and a capacity of 3000 lanemeters, a length of 200 m and breadth of 30 m.
• The Flower-class with four cargo decks and a capacity of 4650 lanemeters, a length of 230 m (for the four ferries having been lengthened, the remaining two are 200 m) and a breadth of 26.5 m.
• Finally, in the middle the Jinling-Class with five cargo decks and a capacity of 6700 lanemeters, a length of 237 m and a breadth of 33 m.

On the photo you can clearly see the difference in size between the three ferries. Even though their “outer” dimensions are not so different, it can easily be seen that the Jinling-ferry is so much bigger than the other two with more than double capacity of the ARK GERMANIA and more than 40 % compared to FICARIA. Adding some meters to the length, an additional cargo deck and 1-2 trailer lanes on each deck in the breadth matters in the end.

HUMBRIA SEAWAYS is the fourth of our newbuildings from Jinling Shipyard. The sea trial for our fifth newbuilding from Jinling has just been completed successfully and is also expected to join our North Sea network.

Thanks to Lars for sharing the photos.

April 15, 2020