Ark-agreement causes fleet changes

We were recently able to post the great news that we had entered into a new agreement with the Danish military on providing ship capacities for sea transport of military equipment over the next six years (see the full article here).

We have often reported on the activities carried out by the Ark ships, not least by Ark Futura, and colleagues have asked whether this means that Ark Futura, which has been part of this cooperation for many years and participated in several exciting missions, will still be part of it.

The answer is no. “Ark Futura will leave the Ark cooperation during December 2020, and this has triggered a reshuffle in the fleet. This means that Magnolia Seaways and Finlandia Seaways will join the Ark fleet.

“To do so, Finlandia Seaways will be reflagged from the Lithuanian flag to the Danish flag from January 2021. The Lithuanian crew members will all be offered to continue as crew members on other Lithuania-flagged vessels as they will be replaced by Danish crew members on Finlandia,” he says.

Magnolia Seaways will enter the Ark fleet in 2022.

“There will be no further flag or crew changes and, as stated, all affected crew members will maintain their employment at DFDS – though on other ships.

“Fleet Management will now seek a solution for Ark Futura, which we will inform about as soon as we can. However, please notice that no crew member will lose his or her job as a result of this,” says Jesper Hartvig Nielsen, Head of ferry operations, equipment centre & terminal excellence, Fleet Management.

The ships that will be part of the Ark cooperation are thus Ark Dania, Ark Germania, Suecia Seaways, Magnolia Seaways, Britannia Seaways and Finlandia Seaways.

December 9, 2020