• Safety First

Safety First

Safety First is DFDS’ new project to improve safety at our terminals and on board our ships during cargo operations.

  In recent months, we have experienced a number of tragic fatalities at our terminals and on board our ships during cargo operations. This is completely unacceptable and causes tragedy for individuals, families and colleagues. Therefore, we must do whatever is in our power to learn from these accidents, and use our learning to prevent such accidents from ever happening again. As a caring employer, we should spare no effort to create and ensure a safe working environment for all our colleagues, ashore and at sea. Everyone throughout our network should come home safely from work.

The project will be managed by Michael Stig, Designated Person, for on-board safety, and by Jesper Hartvig Nielsen, Fleet Management, for safety ashore.

Torben Carlsen, CEO 


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Watch an online version of the DFDS Safety Guide here.