BU Med launches Safety First

As shown in the video last week, BU Med launched the “Safety First” programme in late July, which will be implemented in all departments and locations.

The main target of the Safety Programme is to ensure the safety of employees, to increase awareness and to improve the existing Occupational Health & Safety System by engaging all our colleagues and the supplier/subcontractor employees with whom we work.

The steps in this programme are as follows:

  • “Safety First” meetings have started for all colleagues
  • The DFDS Safety Guide has been distributed
  • “Safety First” posters at terminals, on board ships and in related areas
  • The Health & Safety team continues to provide information about how to implement the Safety First programme, and how to report accident/incident/near-miss situations
  • Setting up a “Security Incident Reporting System”, with “SIRS” posters, ensuring that all employees can report incidents easily.

Özge Süalp Altun, Head of Health & Safety Environment at BU Med, says: “Although we already have a health and safety system, we know that health and safety need to be continuously improved. Safety is not only the job of health and safety specialists: it involves all employees, and I think we will maximize awareness of safety at DFDS with this company-wide Safety First project. This programme will support us in making this work more efficient by setting the standard in all locations and business units at DFDS. I believe that awareness will increase as the information is shared.”

September 4, 2020