Employee Survey results

More than 750 of you from 15 countries and many vessels took part in our recent Employee Survey, on the consequences of Covid-19 on you personally and on DFDS. The results show that 80% feel safe working onsite and from home, but that 75% are worried about the consequences of the pandemic. Local management will go through answers to identify issues and what can be done about them.

“The pandemic causes substantial changes to the way we work, both as employees and as organisations. No one knows how long this extraordinary global situation will last and we are of course concerned whether our colleagues feel that we as a company are doing the right things to handle the situation and its uncertainties in the best possible way. That’s why we launched our recent voluntary employee survey – to get an understanding of your concerns and identify issues we can address,” says Chief People Officer Anne-Christine Ahrenkiel.


Changes in motivation, but you generally feel safe

Of the 750 respondents from 15 countries and many vessels, about 50% have experienced changes to their motivation and in the appreciation of their competences during the pandemic. 75% are worried about the consequences of Covid-19, both on them personally and on DFDS. More than 80% feel safe working from office and from home, even though many struggle with issues like self-isolation and communication with co-workers being harder from a distance.

“We can see that a lot of colleagues feel worried, but in spite of this, they generally feel safe and are satisfied with the way DFDS has handled the situation. This is really good to know as the safety of our colleagues is a top priority in DFDS, and more important than ever in Covid-19 times,” says CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft.

Working from home requires skills

The survey results also show a general wish to continue working from home, both during and after the pandemic. “We are aware of the challenges of working from home and at the same time we acknowledge the desire to keep doing so. It will require that we get new routines in place and openly talk about what works and what doesn’t,” says CSR Director Sofie Hebeltoft.

“We all, and managers in particular, need to structure our working relationships, share clear goals and help nurture a sense of belonging. We are looking into training on remote leadership for managers and will tell you more about this when we have more details. We will also emphasise the need for managers to share relevant and frequent business updates, so you all feel well informed about how DFDS is doing. We will also see how it can be possible to introduce working from home as an opportunity in a post-Covid situation. In the end, this will depend on local rules and individual agreements with direct managers.

Local focus

“Right now, we are assessing local differences in the survey results, so that managers from the relevant Business and People Divisions can take the relevant action. Thank you for finding the time to let us know how you are really doing. Your voice matters and you have given us a good picture of how things are at DFDS at the moment and what you believe should be done to improve our work environment,” Anne-Christine says.

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October 21, 2020