DFDS UK apprentices learn firefighting

An essential skill for every sea-faring DFDS apprentice – firefighting.

The first duty of any able seaman is to ensure the safety of their passengers – and the latest DFDS apprentices have learned exactly how to do that in the event of a fire on board a ship at sea.

The nine apprentices who began the DFDS apprenticeships programme on October 7 2019 started with courses in the classroom at North Kent College.

If they expected they would be spending all their time in class, they found the reality much hotter than they expected. The fire-fighting part of the course is essential and each must pass before being allowed to continue the programme.

This is the sixth programme of apprenticeships run by DFDS which was the first maritime company to do so. Hopefully delivering the ships captains and chief engineers of the future.

Vice President of Human Resources and Crewing, Gemma Griffin, began the DFDS apprenticeship programme in 2012 after a staff survey revealed a need for new recruits. She says: “We wanted to reach out particularly to people in the Dover area to say there are great careers and opportunities for you, and we would get new recruits into DFDS as a result.”

On the 2019 programme, there are 5 deck and 4 engine apprentices. The deck scheme enables trainees to become fully qualified Able Bodied Seafarers. The engine scheme enables workshop skills with the ultimate goal to become a Fitter.

December 2, 2019