Whodunnit? Who was the murderer?

On 1 November, Princess Seaways was the venue for a dastardly Murder Mystery mini-cruise which the UK sales and groups team organised with Red Herring Events.

Janet Donaldson, Sales & Project Manager, BU Short Routes and Passenger, says: “Red Herring approached us earlier in the year with an ambition to take a group to Amsterdam whilst entertaining them with a fabulously well-played murder mystery on board. So on 1 November, we set sail with 50 passengers taking part in the murder mystery and with many more of our customers curious about the night’s proceedings.”

The premise of the story is Hugh Edwards, the famous novelist and third cousin of the Earl of Rochester, who is travelling to Amsterdam with his new wife and former secretary, Florence Archdeacon. Their recent marriage created something of a scandal in the press, given the 40-year age difference. Love, it seems, knows no barriers. Unfortunately, it seems death also knows no barriers as their honeymoon plans are far from the expected marital bliss. Just as the ship leaves port, an unknown man is found dead in a steward’s cupboard. With the boilers stoked and the great ship already underway, there is little to be done but telegraph the police, who ask that the body be put into cold storage until the ship returns.

Questions abound. Who was the dead man? Why was he killed? And, with it likely that his murderer is still on board, are any of the passengers safe?

Janet says: “After the announcement of the initial murder of the Steward, Trevor Fitzpatrick, suspects were interrogated on the first night. Characters were placed around the ship for guests to ‘interrogate’ to solve the mystery. Our on-board team then delivered a letter under cabin doors during the first evening explaining that Florence Archdeacon, the newly married wife of Hugh Edwards, was missing and presumed dead, and this was later confirmed by the other suspects. It also contained some puzzles which helped passengers open a locked box on the second night. This contained a clue that Imelda Fitzgerald was a German spy, not an American dancer as she initially stated.”

“What came out on the second day of interrogation was that Hugh Edwards came back to his cabin to discover Florence dead in bed. In a panic he turned to Gerald to help him as he was worried that his writing career would be tarnished by this scandal. Gerald agreed to help him throw Florence’s dead body overboard because Gerald gave Florence Valium to help with her nerves that night and was worried he might have accidentally killed her. While Gerald and Hugh were throwing poor Florence overboard, the sand-loving archaeologist Laurence saw them and agreed to stay silent if they funded his work in Egypt – so they did!”

So, who was the murderer? The participants of the mini-cruise now know but who do you suspect to be the murderer? Write your guess in a comment to this article and Janet will tell us who the murderer was in a few days’ time.

November 13, 2019