The Marco Polo journey – announcement of the new restaurant name

The opening day of the new restaurant concept on Pearl Seaways and Crown Seaways, our ships sailing on the Copenhagen – Oslo route, is set to 1 May 2018, and now Cruise Route Onboard Sales proudly reveals the new name, SJØ.

“Everybody has been working hard for months, safely guided by the seasoned chefs Søren Westh and Christian Mortensen. Now, we only need to sort out the final details before we can invite our guests on a unique culinary adventure in our new restaurant SJØ,” says Lotte Weaver.

Apparently, the team is on the right track. Below you can read an excerpt from a very positive description of a dinner at the future SJØ. The description is written by two randomly chosen customers, Britta and Annette, who were invited to test the restaurant while on a cruise.


After a glass of Chablis Grand Cru, stone-baked bread and delicious butter, our first course was scallops in a white wine sauce served with green and white asparagus and kalix löjrom (roe of vendace), beautiful to the eye and a dream for the palate.

The next course was poached egg yolk served with a cheese foam, red-leaf lettuce and a glass of Pouilly-Fumé. It was very delicate and Britta, who does not eat cheese, did not even object. She described the dish as a “superb combination of flavours”.

Third course was served with a glass of Pinot Noire from the French Burgundy region. It went well with the pan-fried sweetbread served on a bed of butternut squash puree. Annette would have liked one more sweetbread. It was the first time she tasted these glands, but probably not the last.

We were then served our fourth course, cod served with mushrooms and topped with various green lettuce and leaves. We were surprised to enjoy a glass of red wine with the fish, but it was an experience that will stay with us for a long time to come. The red Grenache Birichino from Santa Cruz was wonderful, and we were starting to feel quite full.

The desert was fried apple topped with white chocolate, yet another delight to the eye and the palate. The desert was served with a wonderful Riesling from 2003. The desert was supposed to conclude our dining experience but when the waiter offered coffee and petits fours, Annette’s sweet tooth prevented her passing on this delicious proposition. Britta concluded that the evening’s dishes had been the greatest gustatory pleasure of her life.

April 30, 2018