Successful fundraising campaign with a beneficial side-effect

Part of DFDS’ CSR strategy is to support opportunities to do good – BUGP’s Partnerships and Contracting department certainly followed this guideline when, for the third time, they spearheaded a fundraising campaign for the benefit of the Red Cross.

On 21 November, Catharina Hallberg, Global Head of Partnerships and Contracting, had the great pleasure of presenting a cheque for no less than DKK 70,329 to Louise Holk, Corporate Fundraising Manager at the Danish Red Cross.

Catharina Hallberg says: “We are both very happy with this campaign, and it is a pleasure for us to be able to support this honourable cause. We had hoped to collect an even bigger amount though.”

For DFDS, the fundraising campaign had another added bonus: the activity left an impression on 5,841 passengers travelling from Copenhagen to Oslo or the reverse.

“When taking donations of DKK 50 to the Red Cross, we offered our customers a free mini-cruise on weekdays in the low season, when the ships are not fully booked. This is definitely a win-win activity,” says Catharina.

November 22, 2018