Sales and Accounts Receivable teams learn from each other

The idea for a workshop arose through daily cooperation and general questions. King Seaways brought the Poznan teams to Newcastle.


So many benefits come from sharing knowledge between teams and locations, from improving current processes to learning new methods and gaining new insights.

For that reason, Sales and Accounts Receivable teams from Newcastle and Poznan met in Newcastle in early July for a knowledge-sharing workshop. The aims of the meeting were for the teams to get to know each other better, to improve understanding of the E2E (End to End) process for the passenger business, tasks dependencies and how these impact on both teams performing successfully.

Over three days, participants went through the different stages of working with customers, from sales and invoicing to query-solving and payment collection. The teams agreed that the sessions were very useful and much needed.

Monika Elsner-Zak, OtC Team Leader, Group Accounts & Tax, says: “Thanks to this meeting, working as one DFDS we will be able to be more efficient in our daily work, more successful in receiving payment for providing services on time, and improve processes that reduce business risks related to financial issues for our customers.”

“For some of the staff from Poznan, this was their first opportunity to go on board a DFDS vessel. This was a great adventure which helped them understand the passenger business even better. Thank you to the King Seaways staff and bridge officers for their warm reception.”

July 23, 2019