Passenger: Head of Field Sales and Head of Sales Operation now appointed

Janet Donaldson and Richard Stone

In October 2017, the Passenger organisation transformed into a global functional structure with the aim to grow specialisation and meet future expectations and demands from customers in a more and more digitised and complex world.

In 2019, Global Sales and Customer Care merged into one organisation and became the global functional structure announced earlier this year. This created new management positions of which two are now being filled after an extensive and thorough recruitment process.

Janet Donaldson, currently Sales and Project Manager in the UK, will as of 2 January take responsibility for the Sales Operation function for all markets. She will work with the team to grow specialisation and expertise for the benefit of our customers. Some of the key tasks will be to align and optimise customer request handling, back-office processes, procedures and systems and copy best-practices between geographical areas.

She will ensure close collaboration to realise commercial synergies in the way we work. Janet joined DFDS in 2003 and has since then held a number of positions, giving her in-depth knowledge of how we operate including strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in processes and systems. Janet will continue to be based in Newcastle.

Richard Stone joins DFDS as Head of Field Sales
Richard Stone will join DFDS on Monday 13 January 2020 to take on the position Head of Field Sales. For the past 10 years, Richard has held the position Director of Intl. Leisure Sales at Scandic Hotels, the largest hotel chain in the Nordics with a total of 280 hotels. He has previously worked for Gullivers, Tumlare, Borealis Destination Management and therefore holds relevant knowledge from the customer side.

10 years ago, Richard joined Scandic Hotels to take the company from a decentralised sales approach to building a global functional structure with the purpose to build expertise and align sales processes across hotels and markets. Richard has extensive knowledge of the leisure segment, the market, the customers, and also brings outside experience and best-practice of how to implement a functional sales structure in a consumer-facing business.

Richard is British and lives in Copenhagen with his family. He speaks and understands Danish and will be based at DFDS House.

Global Sales & Customer Care Director Casper Puggaard says: “Janet and Richard are the perfect combination and match for the two roles, Head of Sales Operation and Head of Field Sales. They have the experience needed for us to succeed with a global functional sales organisation in Passenger. They form a unique team of extensive DFDS knowledge and relevant external inspiration and best-practice from a related industry. I am very excited to get them onboard and to continue our journey ‘from Good to Great’, which will benefit both customers, routes, and thereby DFDS.”

“Richard and Janet will join the new Global Sales & Customer Care leadership team, which as of January 2020 consists of Thomas Møller, Lynsey Chappell, Viktorija Kaminskiene, Catharina Hallberg, Janet Donaldson and Richard Stone. Please join me in wishing Janet and Richard a warm welcome and best of luck in their new positions.”

December 5, 2019