New SEABOOK superuser organisation

Our passenger booking system SEABOOK has now been implemented on all passenger routes and now has approx. 1,100 users.

As the system went from implementation mode to maintenance mode, there was a need to review the superuser organisation to ensure that it matched the change of mode and the changes that have been implemented in the passenger business, Digital and IT during the last year.

With the new set up, the superusers are organised in communities of practice. There is a community coordinator who takes care of the daily follow-up and makes sure that there is progress in improving the way the community works together and shares knowledge.

The first workshop for the support community was recently kicked off on board Pearl Seaways. Marianne Hagen, Business Analyst, says: “It was two very productive days with focus on how we can all support each other and ensure that all SEABOOK users are getting the support they need. I am extremely impressed by the commitment and the motivation everyone has shown, and I am very grateful for working with such a positive group of SEABOOK ambassadors.”

“We would also like to take the opportunity to thank all the members of the old superuser organisation for the great job they have done during the implementation. Finally, a big thanks to the team on board Pearl Seaways for providing the best facilities for the workshop.”

September 13, 2018