King Seaways enjoys extensive overhaul and a new corporate livery

Time and wear always take their toll and it’s no different for ferries, which sometimes need a scrub and a new coat of paint, and in this case a fairly extensive renovation, modernisation and re-branding. Watch the video below to see a taste of the hard work that goes into making our ships look great.

In total more than 200 jobs were done while King Seaways was in dry dock recently at the Remontowa Ship Repair Yard in Gdansk, Poland, and re-branding was assuredly the most noticeable.

Over 24,000 m2 of painting was done inside and out, including the new DFDS brand colours and logo. Work was also completed on many other areas such as the underwater hull, renewal of steel, ballast tanks and piping. Additionally, Explorer’s Kitchen Restaurant was extended to add 100 seats, while new flooring was laid in the Navigator’s bar.

Workmen painting on the big DFDS letters. We don’t even know what font size this is

The BU Group Passenger brand marketing team employed a film crew near Gdansk who visited the shipyard on several occasions during drydock to capture the progress. The weather was a challenge on occasions, with painting of the exterior only able to take place when the weather was favourable. So, thanks to the crew who were often on standby and Mark Næstved who edited the film.

In the space of 12 days, King Seaways was reconditioned, refurbished and lovingly given a new lease of life. With thanks to Superintendent Claus Byder, who was responsible for the docking and works undertaken, and thanks also to the entire crew of King Seaways.

Main propellers shining after the overhaul

Following the works, King Seaways returned to her regular duties on the 15-hour Newcastle to IJmuiden route.

“We do love to share these time-lapse videos, they are a big trend on social media and a great way to show how much work goes into making our vessels look fantastic,” explained Catherine Jowett, Head of Brand Marketing, BU Group Passenger.

First day in dry dock. Ready to be worked on inside and out

The finished product: King Seaways looking sharp and wearing the new DFDS colours

March 4, 2019