First Super User group graduates from LS Retail Super User workshops

Workshops for Super Users of LS Retail are running across the DFDS network and the first group has just graduated


When it comes to on-board sales, it’s very important not just to have a good software platform to support sales, but also to have staff that can assist their colleagues in using it to its full potential.

Workshops that enable our staff to become even better at supporting sales are currently underway for Super Users of the LS Retail sales platform, which is used at all points of sale on board our passenger vessels across the DFDS network. Now the first group of LS Retail Super Users have graduated from their Super User training, and it is a great start for the LS Retail team that runs it.

This group consisted of crew members from the ships on the English Channel and some of their colleagues in the back office who attended a two-day workshop in Dover in late March and completed their training with another two-day session at the beginning of May. The first workshop was centred on the Super User role and the expectations of those taking it on, while the second session had a more technical approach and system focus.

“It was great to see true motivation and engagement for the role, and we are very pleased with the feedback from all of the participants at both events,” said Marianne Hagen, Business Analyst in Finance & IT, who is responsible for implementing the LS Retail Super User organisation.

Whenever you have a question related to LS Retail on the English Channel, please send an email to

The graduated Super Users are:
Christophe Langlois and Ludovic Guigot from Calais Seaways
Jorge Marques and Nayma Elalem from Delft Seaways
Jelena Savenkova and Rui Romão from Dunkerque Seaways
Scott Boyton and Jason Hulme from Dover Seaways
Pierre-Marie Barron and Jérôme Prin from Côte des Flandres
Laure-Anne Regnault and Emmanuel Coubel from Côtes des Dunes
Heidi Roberts, Ashley Hyde and Armelle Segain from the back-office functions in Whitfield, Dover and Dieppe

By mid-June, the Super User workshops for the Baltic ships will be in place, and after the summer holidays we will roll these out to the cruise routes.

More information on who the next Super Users will be and how to contact them will follow.

May 16, 2019