Field trip to Dieppe and Hamburg

As a new director in an international Passenger organisation, a field trip is a great way of meeting colleagues and understanding the business. Casper Puggard, Global Sales & Service Director joined DFDS in January 2019, and together with Brian Thorsted Hansen, VP BU Group Passenger, he visited our offices in Dieppe and Hamburg in recent weeks.

“Visiting the business will help our efforts to deliver on standardisation and share best practice across BUGP. These are central elements in our strategy and therefore critical success factors. The visits gave us great insights into what we call ‘The real world’, which is where our customers are, and where our top line revenue is generated,” says Brian.

In Dieppe, Brian and Casper presented the DFDS and BU Group Passenger strategies for 2019, which resulted in great questions and feedback.

In Hamburg, Declan Walsh, Business Development & Strategy Director & DIO, facilitated a Strategy 2019 workshop with great involvement, engagement and energy from everyone in the office. Casper met with team members from Sales and the Contact Centre to gain an introduction to the German market and customers.

“It has been a pleasure to visit the two offices and get to know many of my new colleagues, who have all been extremely helpful and welcoming. I am very dependent on building relations throughout the entire Passenger network to make sure we know how and where we support each other in the best possible way in driving the business, and to ensure good, transparent dialogue and cooperation across the organisation,” says Casper.

Casper will visit Dover and Klaipeda this week.

February 4, 2019