Denmark-Oslo route further suspended

Because of updated travel restrictions announced by the Danish government on 8 January and Norwegian restrictions from early January, Pearl Seaways was laid up and the Oslo – Frederikshavn – Copenhagen route was temporally suspended from 10 January. On 13 January, the travel restrictions were prolonged by the Danish government meaning that the suspension will last until at least the 7 February.

Kasper Moos, Head of BU Group Passenger, says: “During the lay-up period, the vast majority of crew members are sent home with pay as a benefit from the government’s aid package, which has been extended in parallel with the continued restrictions. A small group remain at work to maintain the cruise ferry until it resumes service.”

The travel restrictions affect all travel in and out of Denmark, and the borders are closed to all entrants who do not have an “essential” purpose for entry. The suspension is therefore expected to last at least as long as the new restrictions apply.

January 14, 2021