Cooperation: DFDS met Direct Ferries’ management

DFDS met Direct Ferries at a meeting in their headquarter in London to share knowledge about each other and discuss how the cooperation can be further improved.

Direct Ferries is a UK-based ferry travel aggregator service and one of the globe’s largest of its kind. It provides online bookings for ferry crossings across Europe (and the world), including for DFDS.

“Due to the large number of tickets sold through Direct Ferries, it is an important partner for us, and therefore, we arranged a workshop to ensure a common understanding of our business and challenges as well as an open transparent dialogue and cooperation,” says Kevin Helsinghof, Director, Passenger Sales.

“It is crucial that we share knowledge, understand each other’s business and ‘pains’ and optimise the partnership to both our benefit and theirs, and therefore they should be offered a deeper insight into our new BU Group Passenger structure and get the opportunity to meet and get a good working relation to some of our key staff. And Direct Ferries’ office in London was an excellent scene for such a meeting with their management, which took place this week,” says Kevin.

”We came a long way at the meeting where we synchronized our expectations for the future and achieved a good basis for further improving and developing our cooperation so we get the most out of the partnership, which is important for our sales and results. It was by all standards a very positive meeting, which will be an excellent basis for our cooperation in the future and, hopefully, for increased sales. All based on what we may call ‘relations management’, says Kevin

On the agenda was also how DFDS can get better access to customers who book a DFDS product via Direct Ferries.

At the meeting were:
Sean Cornwell, CEO DF
Luca Marini, commercial director DF
Jack Smart, product and commercial DF
Chris Parker, DFDS Revenue
Claire Hosking, DFDS Revenue
Colin Fawcus, DFDS Sales
Hancy Anna Djurhuus, DFDS Sales
Kevin Helsinghof, DFDS Sales

March 16, 2018