Check-in staff at the Karlshamn office Wear Waste

The Karlshamn check-in staff in their new uniforms

Every year, enormous amounts of plastic end up in the sea. And as traditional plastics do not decompose and the decomposition process for biodegradable plastics takes a very long time, the world’s oceans are increasingly turning into landfill sites. This is having devastating, long-term effects on marine life.

The Karlshamn office has recently bought new uniforms for the check-in staff, partly made of plastic waste from the sea!

Simon Johansson, Sales Coordinator, says: “As we work on and near the sea, it is very important for us to contribute to reducing litter and to help clean up the seas in the best way we can. 53% of the fabric in our new uniforms is made from recycled plastic from the sea.”

According to the manufacturer of the uniforms, only 5% of the plastic in the oceans is washed up on the beaches, while the rest remains in the sea. If this trend is not broken, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.

Looks good, Karlshamn!


December 3, 2019