Pagalbos vilkstinė nuo žemės drebėjimo ištiko Kroatiją

Zagreb in Croatia buvo neseniai struck by an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude. To provide aid, AFAD, Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, prepared 100 living house containers for victims affected by the earthquake. 

The homes buvo transported ant 3 and 5 January į reach Zagreb in cooperation with UND (International Transporters Association) and DFDS kol Tan Group Logistics undertook the customs clearance of the convoy consisting of 50 trucks from 30 UND member companies. 

Fuat Pamukçu, VP, Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Strategy, says“After the earthquake in Croatia, our state did not remain indifferent to the disaster. With our UND member logisticians’ trucks and our national fleet, we loaded 30 containers on Pergamon Seaways followed by the remaining 70 containers on Ephesus Seaways that both arrived with the containers in Trieste last week. 

We are happy to be a part of this valuable support for which the Turkish logistics industry is one heart for Croatia. We hope that, if only a little bit, the wounds would be healed. We believe that living homes will achieve thyra purpose.” 

You can watch the journey in the video below:

2021 m. sausio 18 d