Vlaardingen terminalas bus pratęstas

Visualisation of the new terminal layout.

Like with everything else, the pandemic put the extension of our terminal in Vlaardingen on hold. However, with the recent approval to continue nuo the Executive Management Team and starting the final rounds of the tender process last weekthyra major project is finally gaining kai kurie tailwind once again. 

When planning approval is passedconstruction is expected to start in December or early January. With an efficient new layout with more capacity, a new gate system and many other improvements, customers and colleagues can look forward to a massive improvement kad bus drive and grow our businesthroughout Europe for many years to come. 

New terminal layout
Tjis plėtimasis pateikė 9.4 hectares of land for the parking of an additional 450 trailers will create great conditions to accommodate the two mega freight ferries that will operate between Vlaardingen and Immingamas.  

Ralph Bosveld, Terminalas Operations Director, says: “One of the initiatives that I am excited about is the new fishbone layout į the parking area įgalinti forward parking instead of the current setup where reverse parking is required. This will increase overall speed apie operationwhile being safer too.

Visualisation of new fishbone layout in the parking area

The existing railway line connected to the terminal bus be renovated and extended onį the new site, enabling rail transport. A big warehouse will be placed close to the rail connection į accommodate shipping logistics activities.  

Visualisation of the new warehouse to accommodate shipping logistics activities

We very much look forward to further collaboration su BU Industries & Client Engagement as I am certain that we will attract a lot of new business su the extra capacity,” says Ralph. 

New gate system 
The existing gate sistema su three gates in and du gates out will be completely renewed with a total of five gates in and four gates out. This will enable the terminal to cope with the high volumes from the two mega freight ferries, while eliminating any congestion issue 

The current gate system tends to cause bottlenecks and a lot of traffic on the surrounding roads. To avoid this, two of the exit gates will be placed prie the north end, leading about half of the outgoing traffic in a different direction than it moves today. The new terminal layout will also have a waiting area that can accommodate up to 35 trucks without causing any queues.

New gate system to cope with the high volumes from the two mega freight ferries, while eliminating any congestion issue

A more environmentally friendly terminal 
The terminal is not only becoming bigger and more efficient but also more environmentally friendlyRalph sako: 2022 m. Pradžioje terminale sumontuosime saulės baterijas pastatai ir wnuolat žvelgdamas į galimybės elektrinėms transporto priemonėms, pavyzdžiui, krautuvams ir tarnybiniams automobiliams. Kai išplėtimas bus atliktas, turėsime kištukas- taškes elektromobiliams ir toliau 20 šaldytuvui priekabos išlaikyti krovinius esant pastoviam temperatūras, ir taip tei neturi truant dyzelinas. This will žymiai redukcijae triukšmas ir kenksmingas išmetimas. 

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