Nauja logistikos DIO

As announced last week, Jens Antonsen will be leaving his role as Digital and IT Officer (DIO) for the Logistics Division to join the ‘Staying Ahead’ Programme.

Logistics’ new DIO will be Simon Overkær Hansen.

Simon started as a trainee at DFDS Logistics Copenhagen (formerly Speedcargo) in 2007 on the DK/UK traffic. In 2012 he moved to IT to join the Velocity project as part of the implementation team, before moving back to Logistics in 2016 to take up the position as Product Owner for Velocity.

“I am happy that Simon has agreed to take up this challenge; IT solutions are vital to our business, and based on his past positions in both Logistics and IT, Simon is ideally positioned to bridge the two,” says Niklas Andersson, EVP and Head of Logistics.

The new product owner structure for Velocity
The position as product owner for Velocity will be changed into a role in the development teams so there will be a product owner role for each of the three development teams.

“By moving the product ownership back into our development teams, we create cross-functional teams that can be focused and responsible for fuelling DFDS Logistics’ long-term strategic objectives for Velocity,” says Simon.

The new product owner roles will be appointed from the Logistics Fulfilment management team, headed by Camilla Kreiner-Scheffmann. Curzio Carabelli, Lars Møller and Robert Carlsson will take on the product owner roles for Velocity and will continue reporting to Camilla, with a professional dotted line to the DIO.

From left: Curzio Carabelli, Lars Møller and Robert Carlsson

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