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2020 m. Perspektyvą padidino didesnis krovinių kiekis

We have today raised the financial outlook for DFDS in an announcement to the stock exchange. Our freight business is doing better than expected in most parts of our network, both ferry and logistics activities. Our passenger business is on the other hand unfortunately struggling with the ongoing tightening of travel restrictions and very low […]

DFDS kibernetinio saugumo konferencijoje

“To grow our resilience against cyber-attacks across companies and industries, we must share our cyber security successes as well as mistakes and failures,” says Rune Keldsen, CTO (second from left). He represented our industry at an online conference on cybercrime, which also included the Danish Minister of Defence and major Danish industries.  The threat from cybercrime […]

DFDS įsteigia etatinę bendrovę Geteborge

The DFDS Win23 strategy is based on the development of business areas that require a wide set of specific skills and expertise, and our success will depend on our ability to ensure that people with the skills, expertise and knowledge are available where and when needed. This is nowhere more so than Gothenburg, where DFDS […]

„LS Retail“ tiesiogiai per „King Seaways“

The LS team went on board King Seaways in the first week of October to prepare for the GO-live on 5 October. King will be the first ship to have LS Central as the operating system which is a step up from the Channel and allows us to have automatic table allocation with the hospitality module. This will enable us […]

DFDS užtikrina būtiną gabenimą į JK

Seven Sisters in Newhaven. The UK Government has agreed contracts worth GBP 77.6 million in total with four ferry companies to ensure ferry capacity for transport of vital goods like medicine and food during the first few months after the end of the Brexit transition period.   “The transition period is set to end on 31 December 2020 and unless the EU and the UK agree a trade […]

Naujas būstinė: beveik baigtas stiklo fasadas

Last time we shared news about the construction of our new headquarters in Copenhagen, it was just a raw building. During the last few months, the construction crew has installed the glass façade and it really makes the building come to life. We can finally get a good impression of what the building will look like. The final design of the building draws its […]

DFDS „Barcolana“ regatoje

Even though large ferries are more our style, our colleagues at BU Med could not miss out on the opportunity to increase awareness about DFDS and our activities at the festive Barcolana Regatta.  The Barcolana Regatta is an international sailing regatta and draws the largest number of racing sailboats in the world. Traditionally there are more than 300,000 visitors attending the event to look at some 2,000 sailing boats […]

Balsuokite už DFDS „World Travel Awards“

DFDS is nominated for World’s Leading Ferry Operator 2020 in the 27th annual World Travel Awards™. We have also been nominated for World’s Leading Ferry Website 2020. The awards aim to acknowledge, reward and celebrate excellence across all sectors of the global travel and tourism industry, voted for by members of the public. 2020 has […]

Apsaugos pakeitimas BU kanale

Filip Hermann and Kasper Moos As we announced before the summer, BU Short Routes and Passenger was split into BU Channel and BU Group Passenger, and we also announced that Filip Hermann was to take up the role as VP of BU Channel. He follows Kasper Moos, who will focus fully on leading BU Group Passenger through the COVID-19 crisis and regaining growth after […]

Peder Gellert, MARLOG pirmininkas

Peder Gellert was recently elected chairman of MARLOG (Maritime & Logistics Innovation Denmark). MARLOG is a cluster for promoting and sharing innovation and knowledge between companies and projects in the Danish Maritime industries with a focus on sustainability, digitalization and competencies. Yesterday, the Danish Ministry of Education and Science appointed MARLOG national cluster operator. This […]

DFDS išbando bėgių sprendimą Klaipėdoje

Last week, Central Klaipėda Terminal made its first attempt to load a trailer onto a flat-bed rail wagon to test the rail service which will run in conjunction with our ferry activities. DFDS Logistics provided the trailer, LTG (Lithuanian Railways) representatives provided loading equipment as well as the prepared wagon, and the KLASCO team organised the loading.   Despite the longer loading time, all parties were satisfied with the result. LTG was happy to see the opportunities and areas for improvement during the test. They had ideas to […]

Vlaardingen sveikina Flandriją

A very welcome sight: the arrival of our fifth mega freight ferry, Flandria Seaways, which aroused strong feelings amongst both the crew and colleagues in Vlaardingen. Following a successful maiden voyage, Captain Joakim Dahlberg and crew finally stepped ashore on European ground after a very prolonged stay in China that exceeded 100 days, most of which was spent in a Chinese hotel. Our colleagues in Vlaardingen were ready to welcome the […]

Flandrija eina per Sueco kanalą

This week, Flandria Seaways and her crew sailed through the long and busy Suez Canal on their way from China to Europe. This is Captain Joakim Dahlberg’s second time bringing one of our mega freight ferries home, and he has taken this great picture (above) on their way through the artificial sea–level waterway that connects the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.   With endless banks of sand on both sides, our colleagues on board passed and also sailed alongside many cruise, container and cargo vessels. Their tonnage, water displacement and […]

Vlaardingen terminalas bus pratęstas

Visualisation of the new terminal layout. Like with everything else, the pandemic put the extension of our terminal in Vlaardingen on hold. However, with the recent approval to continue from the Executive Management Team and starting the final rounds of the tender process last week, this major project is finally gaining some tailwind once again.  When planning approval is passed, construction is expected to start in December or early January. With an efficient new layout with more capacity, a […]

Naujas dalyvavimas Baltijos šalių rezervavimo svetainėse

The biggest travel agency in Estonia, Estravel AS, owns the only local ferry booking marketplace platforms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Up until early September, it wasn’t possible to purchase DFDS ferry tickets via the platforms. With the work done during the latest years, DFDS is now represented among all our other competitors in the region.   Rene Pärt, Sales Manager, says: […]

Pakrovimo įrašas Vlaardingen

Vlaardingen terminal On Tuesday and Wednesday, the ships left Vlaardingen fully loaded. The many trailers caused delays on the roads leading to the terminal. In Vlaardingen, they really look forward to welcoming Flandria Seaways, the fifth of the new mega freight ferries. She is scheduled to arrive from China at the end of September. She […]

Kroviniai auga Frederikshavne - Osle

Few routes have been as hard hit by COVID-19 as those between Denmark and Norway. Now it is evident that the decision to include Frederikshavn in our sailings between Copenhagen and Oslo was a wise one: Even though business continues to be challenged, week 36 exceeded last year’s freight result for the route, and September […]

Baltijos šalių klientų patirties gerinimas

How about starting your voyage with the scent of fresh brewed coffee? Recently, our coffee supplier on the Baltic routes, Vero Coffee, visited our ferries to train the crew in the way of a barista. The guests are also offered to purchase the DFDS branded packages of coffee beans also supplied by Vero Coffee. It is […]

Larsas-Olofas Albertas išeina į pensiją

Lars-Olof Albert Lars-Olof Albert, Technical Organisation’s grey eminence in Gothenburg, has decided to retire at the end of this month after 26 years as a superintendent and 35 years in all with the company.   Lars-Olof graduated as a master mariner in 1973 and went to sea for 13 years until 1986, when he became a foreman at a stevedore company owned by Tor Line, which […]

DFDS skaitmeninės transformacijos aukščiausiojo lygio susitikime

Our colleagues at the IT Development Center in Turkey help us with digital solutions and have already delivered multiple apps for both our passenger and freight business. Therefore, Jan Berslen Devrim, Senior Director of the centre, was invited to a Digital Transformation Summit hosted by Bloomberg HT in Turkey. At the summit, he shared his […]

Nauja „Patras-Trieste“ paslauga

Gallipoli Seaways will operate between Patras and Trieste. Here she is seen in Patras. To accommodate a welcoming increase in market demand, BU Med has started a new shipping line between Trieste and Patras. Previously, Patras only served as an intermediate stop between Pendik and Trieste but will now provide regular and reliable shipping between […]

Covid-19: naujas raudonas regionas

The Danish Region Syd has become a red region for travels to Norway in addition to he Central Jutland and Capital region. This means that travelers from those regions will need to quarantine for 10 days upon arrival in Norway. However, Quarantine rules do not apply to people living in or travelling to and from […]

Humbria ir Ficaria Fayard laivų statykloje

There are only a few certainties in life; that the sun will rise in east, lint in your pocket and that our good friend, Peter Therkildsen, is on the spot with his camera every time one of our ferries is near the Fayard Shipyard in Denmark.   Peter has throughout many years shared numerous of great photos with us and we have recently received these […]

Nauja laivybos linija Vlaardingen

MS Akranes that will arrive at Vlaardingen every Sunday. Even though things are tough right now, opportunities to grow and collaborate still arise all over DFDS. This time, a new cooperation between DFDS and the shipping company, Smyril Line, was a welcoming addition to the business in Vlaardingen. Jorik van Oosterom, Terminal Operations Manager, says: “From now on, every Sunday, Smyril Line’s freight ferry, MS Akranes, will arrive at Vlaardingen where we will handle the discharging and loading of […]