Win23: Logistics launch “Staying Ahead” project to continue growth

DFDS Logistics have been very successful and seen strong results compared to the industry in general.

“I am extremely proud of the way our local offices have taken their own initiatives to secure growth and margins. However, with slower growth in some European economies, and Brexit likely to challenge business, we will need to create the future growth ourselves even more,” says Niklas Andersson, EVP & Head of Logistics Division.

“Therefore, in line with our Win23 strategy, DFDS Logistics will launch Project Staying Ahead to secure a profitable growth and ensure we stay ahead of the average logistics companies, even under those more difficult market conditions.

“With the project, we want to be better at sharing our initiatives, experience and the tools developed over the last few years so we can grow our Logistics business more than the market growth the next 4 years and at the same time ensure slightly better results than today,” he says.

“The project will be run with local management in the driving seat, and local business partners tracking the changes. The role of the project team will be to facilitate the discussions and initiatives, but we know that all offices are more than capable and very used to this structure of continuous improvements.”

The project team is currently being formed and will be presented on the Bridge as soon as the core team and project management is in place.

“The core project team’s first task will be to visit all Logistics offices over the coming 18 months to learn from the many initiatives and the experience gathered in all our locations, so we can share the learnings, best practices and tools developed,” says Niklas.

We will follow up with an update about the project next week.

September 27, 2019