The Logistics Division: New strategic business units

The Logistics Division from 1 September 2019

By EVPs Eddie Green and Niklas Andersson

From September, the Logistics Division will be headed by EVP Niklas Andersson who will also join DFDS’ Executive Team.

Over the last years, the Division has grown significantly supported by your efforts, successful acquisitions and growth in some specific industries where we have gained special insights. With DFDS’ new strategy Win23, there will be focus on three of those selected industries, where we have a strong foothold already and see the best opportunities for creating further growth. Those selected industries are Automotive, Cold Chain and Forest & Metal.

Forest & Metal will form the basis of the new BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement in the Ferry Division.

Cold Chain and Automotive will be new business units in the Logistics Division.

BU Cold Chain will be headed by Eddie Green who will move back to the UK to take up his new role, and we have already communicated which businesses will be part of BU Cold Chain and who will report to Eddie in the future.

BU Automotive has not been established yet, but we are in the process of finding a new head of the BU and establishing which businesses and locations will be part of it and who will report to the Head of BU Automotive. Logistics Services in Arendal (Henrik Ageflod) and Logistics Contracts in Arendal (Martina Karlsson) will be part of it.

Some of you may get new reporting lines as a result of these changes but you should not be concerned. Please be assured that the aim is to grow in those areas, and that we will need to be more people in the future, not less.

New VPs for Nordic & Continental BUs
We have also decided to appoint VPs for both BU Nordic & Continent, whereas Niklas was previously responsible for both, so we have three regional BU’s:

BU Continent will be managed by Michael Bech (47) who will be promoted to VP. Michael will continue as MD of the Trailer and Container businesses in Vlaardingen, until a replacement has been appointed, and Special Cargo (Martin Bos), Ghent (Luc Geysen), Hamburg (Sven Ohlsen) and Prague (Karel Batka) will all report to Michael. Michael has many years of experience in logistics on the Continent and has shown the leadership skills and the commercial understanding that will undoubtedly make him a success in his new and exciting role.

BU Nordic will be managed by VP Valdemar Warburg (37) who will transfer from the Finance Division to Logistics on 1 July. In his current position as Group Transformation Officer, Valdemar has worked with a number of growth and development projects in Logistics. In his new role he will benefit from his comprehensive understanding of DFDS. BU Nordic will consist of the Logistics offices in Sweden (Mathias Dahlström), Liepaja (Oleg Bambulyak) and Copenhagen (Selina Lindquist). In Kotka, Finland, Kimmo Salmi will change reporting line from Oleg Bambulyak to Valdemar.

In Oslo, Director Per Møller and his Logistics staff will transfer to BU Nordic and report to Valdemar. The Brevik Terminal with Director Steinar Heia and his staff will transfer to the Ferry Division’s BU North Sea North and report to VP Morgan Olausson. MD Vidar Karlsen and the rest of the logistics organisation in Oslo will join BU Forest & Metal and Client Engagement in the Ferry Division and report to VP Kasper Damgaard.

Valdemar will also be responsible for DFDS Direct the Logistics digital booking and service portal, which allows customers to instantly book a transport. Andrias Justinusson will no longer be DFDS Direct Product Manager. We thank him for all his efforts and involvement in this start-up.

Congratulations to Michael and Valdemar on their new challenges.

BU UK & Ireland will continue to be managed by VP Allan Bell. It will consist of the operations in Immingham, Belfast, and Dublin. Allan will also be responsible for the Division’s equipment management.


Thank you

With those changes, we will have a new and dynamic structure to take advantage of our strategy Win23, and to grow our logistics business to become an even bigger and more important part of the Group.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact any of those mentioned, or to post a question under this article.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to our current success. We very much look forward to continuing the journey with you towards an exciting future.

Eddie Green and Niklas Andersson

June 25, 2019