The DFDS Logistics offices in Oslo and Hamburg expand their cooperation

In cooperation with DFDS Logistics in Hamburg, Logistics in Norway now ships containers on Lysvik that used to go via external shipping partners on the leg from Hamburg to Immingham.

Since DFDS added Hamburg – Immingham as a fixed call to the Lysvik Seaways loop, the Logistics offices in Hamburg and Oslo have worked to find a good solution for part of the door-to-door containers that DFDS Logistics Hamburg is shipping every week between Germany and the UK.

“The volume has until now been shipped by an external supplier. In week 44, however, we transported a successful test shipment of a few units with Lysvik. The following week we shipped 15 units and the volume is expected to be around 15-20 units per week. We are very happy that we now can keep the sea freight turnover in-house, and I trust that we have created a win-win solution that is beneficial for both offices,” says Kasper Svenningsen, Director, Shipping Logistics, Norway. “I would like to thank Sven Ohlsen and his team in Hamburg for the support. The volume is good and we are very pleased to have the Hamburg Logistics office on board, also on this leg. The Hamburg office has used this service from Oslo to Hamburg in recent years when shipping MT units. These units were sent to Oslo from Immingham, so the door-to-door container shipments of the past between Germany, the UK and Norway are now finally carried by DFDS all the way through,” he says.

November 17, 2017