Staying Ahead – Central team in place

As you know, Niklas Andersson, EVP of the Logistics Division, has launched a major project to grow our logistics business so we can reach our Win23 targets and create the future we want for ourselves.

“Things are progressing fast, and I am happy to announce that Simon Woldu has accepted to be our Program Director. The central team will also consist of Johan Durup Fritzemeier from Strategy & Consulting and Jens Antonsen from the business. And naturally, there will be a strong core team of local people in each office to run the project along with further resources that will be added as we go along.”

“We aim to visit all logistics offices during the next 18 months,” says Simon Woldu. “I can hardly wait getting started, but it is difficult just now to say how many days we will spend on each location, and the timeline will therefore have to be flexible until we get a clearer picture of the project.”

Simon Woldu will leave Scotland by the end of October, and Jens Antonsen will step out of his role as DIO. Replacements for both positions will be announced separately at a later time.

“Unless we get at a hard Brexit, we will start the program on 1 November, and I am confident that you will all do your best to support the central and the local teams in their work to ensure success for this project, which will grow our company and business, and create even more opportunities for us all,” says Niklas.

Simon Woldu, Jens Antonsen and Johan Durup Fritzemeier

October 9, 2019