Special Cargo puts new crane truck to first task

The crane is fitted to a Volvo FH 500 truck and will lift almost anything within the weight limits, here it’s handling water pipes for a customer in the construction industry.


Handling large, heavy and unwieldy objects is Special Cargo’s role and specialty, and they have some of the most interesting vehicles in DFDS to put to those tasks. Adding to their line-up is a new crane truck (or HIAB), which was put together in recent weeks.

The truck arrived from Volvo and was taken to Central Crane Technicians in Chesterfield, where they fitted the Italian FASSI-branded crane to the truck. The next steps were completed at our own workshop, where in-cab communication was installed along with working lights and flashing beacons, and of course the DFDS logo.

The crane has a lifting capacity of 2.5-11.5 tonnes, depending on how far the lifting arm has to extend, which is up to 12.25 metres. It will lift pretty much anything; pipes, containers, modular buildings, metal beams, construction materials and pre-fab construction elements to give examples.

Joshua Timmis, General Manager of DFDS Special Cargo in Killingholme, says: “With the ability to lift the cargo using our own crane truck we are providing a saving to the customer as they have no need to hire in expensive cranes to offload – we can do it all for them. The teams at Chesterfield and our own workshop did amazing jobs getting the truck finished and working perfectly.”

August 23, 2019