Safety lessons for the young

DFDS and others teach children important lessons in safety in the UK.


For the last two weeks Michael Naylor from DFDS Lowestoft has been helping with the annual ‘Crucial Crew’ show for the Lowestoft Rotary Club, a local community service organisation. They provided safety lessons, not least for being around large vehicles such as a truck, to local schoolchildren aged 10 and 11.

This project is supported by Birds Eye and DFDS and included eight safety demonstrations from the Police, Fire Service, St John Ambulance, Network Rail, Inspire, Suffolk County Council Road Safety Team and The Lifeguard Association.

Michael uses a full-size tractor and trailer to demonstrate where the blind spots are for a driver. He also uses a smaller model to show why articulated vehicles need more space on the road to carry out different manoeuvres.

Brian Hunter from the local Rotary club says: “It is with gratitude that we all at Crucial Crew would wish to thank DFDS for allowing Mr Michael Naylor to present a truck safety scenario. Michael portrays the dangers of being near such a vehicle to around 1,200 year-six children from 32 schools across the Waveney District. Without such support from emergency services, organisations and yourselves there would be no Crucial Crew and no safety advice or training for very young people.

Michael added: “I have enjoyed working with the Rotary club at this event for the past eight years and this year is no different. With the demonstration given I hope, as well as keeping children safer, it makes my and other heavy goods vehicle drivers’ jobs easier as more children and teachers understand how these vehicles operate.”

December 6, 2019