Report from To BEE in DFDS – Gothenburg

Here you can see the brood in the middle of this honeycomb and honey in the corners at the top.

The bees on the top of the roof at the DFDS Logistics office in Gothenburg are doing very well.

Hans Forsberg, Planner Logistics – Automotive Desk, says: “Since we brought our bees here in early May, they have grown to be healthy and also found a lot of good flowers with nectar and pollen. By bringing bees into the Skandiahamnen area, we have contributed to more pollination of flowers in the neighbourhood and hopefully, and most certainly, there will be more flowers next year. In addition, our bees have made life and surviving easier for other pollinating insects in the area.”

“Our plans for the next few months are to harvest honey and start preparing for winter. In our next report we will tell you how much honey our bees in Gothenburg have made and give a status on our bee hives in Karlshamn. We are very thankful that everything has gone so well so far.”


August 26, 2019