Project Grimsby Fresh – update

In March we published an article about the newly-launched Project Grimsby Fresh, which focused on optimising processes and making the fresh fish business in Grimsby more profitable.

Since then the local management has conducted an extensive review of the business together with Strategy & Consulting (S&C). There has been a positive transition which has made the Fresh business profitable again.

“Identifying loss-making runs and finding ways to operate more efficiently have been a main focus. One of our solutions to a more efficient transport was to combine fresh and frozen volumes, which is why we launched Project One Transport that focuses on improving load-filling and truck utilisation.
Strategy & Consulting has changed the way we think in Grimsby – now we always ask ourselves how we can do even the smallest thing just a bit better,” says Ivan Weatherhogg, Operations Director in Grimsby.

The fresh fish delivery provided by Grimsby is highly specialised and provides regular scheduled deliveries throughout the UK. The challenge is that the volumes vary and the delivery pattern changes accordingly to the time of the year and with many processes being done manually in the office, it was difficult adapting to the daily flow and reacting quickly to the amount of fish delivered.

Taking precautionary measures against unpredictable factors like the above-mentioned required more flexibility and transparency, which could be obtained through digital tools.

Velocity implementation – from manual to digital

“We implemented Velocity into the preplanning process on 25 June. Velocity was already being used to invoice customers but is now used for live bookings as well, resulting in improved visibility, flexibility and streamlined processes in the business,” says Ivan. He adds: “Before Velocity, delivery notes were filled in manually in the warehouses and sent with the driver. This process is now replaced with the use of automatic generated delivery notes in Velocity.”

Furthermore, a KPI dashboard has been created for both the fresh and frozen business, which gives a complete overview of their truck profitability and how the areas are performing and developing. This tool provides the transparency needed to allow Grimsby to react quickly and continue to adjust according to seasonality.

“The development in the results in Grimsby are very pleasing and a good reward for all the hard work done by the Grimsby and S&C team. Maintaining focus and improving each day will ensure we continue this positive development,” says Eddie Green, EVP of Logistics.

July 19, 2018