Organisational changes in Scotland

Steve Macaulay, VP & Director Scotland, announces consolidation of Larkhall and Shetland business


Following a review of our business structure in Larkhall and Shetland, I am pleased to announce that we will consolidate the business into one organisation from Monday 16 March 2020.

Mick Devine will head up the Scotland business as General Manager, Scotland.

Hamish Balfour will take on the role of Commercial Director, Shetland.

Greg van Hombergh will join DFDS as Finance Director, Scotland on 30th March. Greg is currently employed by Dawnfresh, a leading business in the Scottish seafood sector.

Mick, Hamish and Greg will report to Steve Macaulay.


We will organise the management of the business by Traffic Direction, with the following managers reporting to Mick Devine.

Mark Kelly, UK Operations Manager based in Larkhall, will be responsible for the southbound flows, primarily Seafood Operations, where both Larkhall and Shetland share many of the same customers

Jackie MacPherson, Operations Manager based in Aberdeen, will be responsible for northbound flows to Shetland. Jackie will be supported by Andy Stewart and Gavin Kelly based in Larkhall.

George Smith is appointed Operations Manager, Shetland and will be responsible for operations on Shetland.

Pat Clinton will be responsible for the management of all Scotland Transport operations, including the optimisation of our own fleet and subcontractors.

David Cranston, Operations Manager – Continental and John Murdoch, Operations Manager – Frozen will continue in their current roles.


Steve Macaulay
VP & Director, Scotland

March 10, 2020