Norway Ferry and Logistics plans strategic initiatives

Last week the Norwegian Ferry and logistics office held their annual strategy meeting in the wonderful Norwegian surroundings of Hurdalsjøen. The office management team in Norway was represented together with Valdemar Warburg, Vice President & Head of BU Nordic, and Kasper Damgaard, Vice President and Head of Forest & Metal and Client Engagement.

Together they had 24 hours to create initiatives for each business area: Ferry, Logistics and North Sea Terminal in Brevik, that will succeed their DELTA23 ambition of doubling the Norwegian revenues to NOK 1 billion from 2018 to 2023. DELTA23 is the Norwegian strategic initiative to support Win23.

Kasper Svenningsen, Director, Shipping Logistics, says: “One of the core initiatives agreed upon at the meeting was the focus and strengthening of collaboration between business areas to provide one sale, one brand and one DFDS to our customers. In this regard, the talk was also moved to Marketing and the importance of how to promote our collaboration together with our services towards our existing and new customers.”

In result of the strategy meeting Norway Ferry and Logistics office did composed an adequate initiative list to support DELTA23.

We do believe we need to put collaboration on the top of our agenda to succeed, therefore the Norway freight and logistics office are looking forward to realizing their DELTA23 strategy in great cooperation with our colleagues as ONE DFDS.

February 7, 2020