New structured approach to gaining additional sales

The Logistics Division has enjoyed a period of good organic growth and to ensure the trend continues it was decided at a recent divisional sales meeting, to give greater attention to a more structured approach to gaining additional sales.

All top customers, showing a revenue of EUR 3 million or more per annum, have been mapped, and the team will now start further investigating the potential of these accounts.

Allan Nielsen, Director of Sales & Development, says: “We believe that there is more potential in many of our top accounts, and in many of those with less than EUR 3 million revenue. Therefore the responsible sales consultants will re-examine all their accounts on this list to see if there is any potential growth and how we can generate more revenue from these top customers. In practice this means creating an account and win plan for each account simply by identifying pain points and opportunities with the customer or using the knowledge we already have and execute on that plan, while recording the progress in CRM.”

“By working The DFDS Way, we strive to create continuous improvements and support the performance culture and it´s time to build even more on the success of DFDS. We have high hopes for this initiative and fortunately the work is in the capable hands of my very skilled and dedicated colleagues.”

June 7, 2018