New pink labels make a difference

Logistics Contracts in Gothenburg made a colour change in labels for goods arriving and supported the fight against breast cancer with donations to Pink Ribbon. From left: Cristopher Fagerlund, Malin Malmhage and Victor Nilsson have been part of the project to improve the visibility of the special labels while supporting the Pink Ribbon campaign.


If you want something to be noticed, consider making it pink. This was one of the thoughts behind a simple but effective change in labels for goods arriving at Logistics Contracts in Gothenburg.

A task force was recently established to find improvements for labelling arriving goods. The idea of changing the colour from casual white was one of the actions that came out of the first meeting. The new colour was to be pink and the test batch happened to be delivered in October, appropriately enough, given the Pink Ribbon campaign running through the month.

Victor Nilsson, Group Manager for Export in Customer Service, says: “We saw this as an opportunity to do something good, both for operational purposes and for charity, so we took to fundraising in order to raise awareness of the Pink Ribbon campaign. In two whole working days (22 and 23 October) we donated an amount for every arriving shipment, which were all given the pink labels to announce the campaign.”

Victor adds: “We cannot say the reason we ended up with pink for this test among all the other colours, but maybe it’s to do with the historical meaning. According to the Pink Ribbon it’s a symbol of awareness and support. These are also key factors for our search for development and improvement every day.”

In case you wonder how you can contribute to cancer research, please find a local charity to donate to and help us spread the word.

November 1, 2019