New DFDS Express service


Compressed Natural Gas-fuelled van in Belgium delivers within 30 minutes and emits 10% less CO2 at lower operational cost.

DFDS Belgium is seeing increasing customer demand for faster delivery of small shipments from our warehouses to their sites. That is why we have introduced a new DFDS Express service.


Express van deliveries using CNG trucks

We try to find more environmentally friendly solutions wherever we can, throughout DFDS. In Belgium, we now use a Compressed Natural Gas-fuelled van as a delivery vehicle. This van emits 10% less CO2 than your average diesel combustion engines – at a lower operational cost.


First express delivery to Volvo cars in Ghent

The CNG truck got to work last week, when we delivered a pallet to Volvo in Ghent 20 minutes after we received the order.

“We saw that customers needed immediate help when their production was disrupted or they were missing a spare part,” says  Managing Director of DFDS Logistics NV Luc Geysen. “In this situation, it doesn’t make sense for us to send a trailer, so we came up with the idea of introducing an energy-efficient truck. DFDS Express is a great add-on to our product offering for existing customers and they really appreciate it.”

September 4, 2020