Logistics strengthen cooperation with hauliers by allowing flexible payment solution

From left to right: Allan Kristoffersen, Lis Høier, Lene Frydenberg, Karen Baurdoux, Alec Skat Larsen, Erik Krag Rasmussen

This week, Logistics goes live with a new digital platform – PrimeRevenue – allowing hauliers themselves to choose early payment of invoices.

The project was launched on the basis of an increasing demand for earlier payment from hauliers. With this very flexible solution, hauliers can now choose, on an invoice-by-invoice basis, when they want to be paid, independently of the payment terms agreed with DFDS.

By choosing the early payment option, the haulier basically receives the invoiced amount on the requested date, less a small percentage for the cost of the invoice being paid before the due date.

For the time being, hauliers are the only suppliers to have the option of using this programme, and our Immingham logistics office is the first location to go live. Gothenburg in Sweden is next, and after that many other entities will no doubt follow suit.

Anne Rømer, CFO Logistics, says: “This project has been on the agenda for some time, and a lot of hard work has gone into it. We are very happy to introduce the programme now, and expect a lot from it.

I want to thank Alec Skat Larsen, Allan Kristoffersen, Lene Frydenberg, Lis Høier, Dennis Kyhl-Nielsen, Erik Krag Rasmussen and Robert Thompson for their commitment to the project. We are also very grateful for the support from our team in Poznan.”

September 25, 2018