Karen Baurdoux joins Passenger, new hire joins Logistics Divisional Finance

Karen Baurdoux moves to the Passenger organisation in a new role, and Ozan Sozer is new hire in Logistics Divisional Finance.


It is soon time for a change in logistics divisional finance team as Karen Baurdoux has accepted a new position in Passenger. Karen will be taking a leading role in defining and executing the Win23 strategy for the Copenhagen-Oslo route.

Anne Rømer, VP and CFO for Logistics, says: “Before joining Logistics Karen has worked in an industry similar to Passenger, and she is very much looking forward to come back to that. Karen will support the logistics finance team in finalising reporting for Q1 2020 before heading on to her new ventures.”

“I have been very happy having Karen in my team, as she has brought insight from Local business unit perspective, experience from dealing with our finance service centre, contributing very dedicated to our development journey for the entire Logistics Finance organisation and much more. She will truly be missed. Luckily, Karen will still be located in Copenhagen, so we know where to go, when needed,” Anne adds.

Kim Heiberg, Route Director Copenhagen-Oslo, says: “With Karen as a dedicated resource to run this Win23 project we are better able to both focus on performance and the strategic improvements that will generate new contribution from 2021 onwards. We look forward to welcoming Karen to this exciting new role.”

The exact timing of Karen’s joining Passenger is not finalised, but when she does, she will be part of the Business Development & Strategy team, but sitting with Copenhagen-Oslo Route Management at DFDS House in Copenhagen.

Ozan Sozer joins as new Business Controller

A new resource also joins the Logistics Divisional Finance team.

Anne Rømer says: “Please also join me in welcoming Ozan Sozer. He already started as business controller in our team yesterday. Ozan will be involved in monthly and quarterly reporting, controlling, analysis and support in close cooperation with local finance business partners. Ozan comes with broad experience from finance roles and he also worked as consultant in Deloitte. With the knowledge and capabilities he brings to DFDS I am sure we can continue the development of finance for Logistics in a very good way.”

February 5, 2020