The rail-team of DFDS Norway visiting CargoNet

Interesting visit to CargoNet site at Alnabru, Oslo

On 19 April, the rail team from DFDS Norway/Lysaker (Stein Lyberg, Mikael Närman and Anne Wyckmans) visited CargoNet’s site at Alnabru in Oslo under a clear blue sky. The team was invited to take part in a guided tour of this central site for all cargo rail transport to and from Norway, and they had the opportunity to watch a loading/unloading operation using one of the big cranes high above the ground.

CargoNet and Railcombi handle cargo for about 50 trains daily at the Alnabru site, and the loading/unloading operation per train with 20 double-pocket wagons is performed within 45 minutes.

“DFDS Norway is cooperating with CargoNet for the southbound shipment of paper from Norske Skog in Skogn, Trondheim, to Italy, and for the northbound shipment comprising mainly wine and food from Italy to the Oslo area, so it was very interesting to find out how the operations at the CargoNet site work,” says Anne Wyckmans from the intermodal team in Oslo.

The CargoNet site

The rail-team of DFDS Norway visiting CargoNet The rail-team of DFDS Norway visiting CargoNet


April 30, 2018