How to prevent fire at work

Training in how to prevent fire at work and at home and how to use fire equipment is very important. Earlier this week, our colleagues from DFDS Logistics Contracts AB, DFDS Seaways AB and DFDS Logistics AB in Gothenburg had a very informative morning that concluded with a practical exercise in how to use a fire extinguisher.

“We are all responsible for the safety of ourselves and our colleagues at work. We often focus on how to get into a building, but one thing that became very clear to us is that we also need to think about how we get out. In case of an emergency, how do we evacuate everyone from the building in the best way – whether they are disabled or not?” says Bodil Johansson, Quality & Environmental Manager in Gothenburg.

Minimize the risk with little effort

There are a few things that can be done quite easily to minimize the risk or damage of a fire:

  • Close your office door when you are not present. This will minimize the risk of an office fire spreading
  • Exercise evacuation drills also at home so all members of your household know what to do in case of an emergency
  • Avoid leaving lit candles in a room when you are not present
  • From time to time, vacuum your fire alarm and computer or laptop at home, especially if you have pets. Too much dust and fur will increase the operating temperature of the computer and it may overheat and catch fire.

December 14, 2017