Government minister visits DFDS Belfast

On 2 August, the UK Cabinet Minister and Chairman of the Conservative Party, Brandon Lewis MP, visited DFDS Belfast to gain insight into the business and operations taking place in Northern Ireland. The Minister was given a tour of the office and warehouse, where he met some of our hard-working colleagues. He was especially impressed by the scale of the operation in Belfast, including how we work together across the DFDS network and the variety of customers that we have partnerships with.

After the tour, our colleagues from DFDS, General Manager, Campbell Mclean, Assistant General Manager William Leader, and HR Advisor, Catherine Boyd together with Seamus Leheny of the Freight Transport Association (DFDS Belfast is a member) had a chance to sit down with the minister to outline the importance of transit times and fluid movement for supply chains that not only cross the Irish border and the Irish Sea, but cross Europe as well.

“The visit was very informative for both sides. Getting recognised and having the opportunity to contribute with our insight and views on the logistics business was very important to us. We also had a chance to voice our concerns about the consequences of Brexit and we discussed both the challenges and opportunities. It was interesting to hear about the matter from the Minister who constantly deals with Brexit himself and he was very aware of the challenges that exist and might arise for logistics as he previously worked in the industry,” says William Leader.

August 9, 2018