Gothenburg RoRo Terminal featured in story about Volvo Trucks innovation

Yesterday at an exhibition in Berlin, Volvo presented their new future-oriented invention: VERA. It is an autonomous truck intended to transport trailers between logistics hubs. The VERA is not ready for the real world yet, as she still needs a lot of testing and refinements.

Volvo made a video with the first model of the concept, which was revealed last evening. And as the sharp DFDS viewer might notice, parts of the video were filmed at Gothenburg RoRo Terminal.

“This is a really interesting concept and invention, which might also be of interest to us in the future. At DFDS, we are open to new digital possibilities, and if Volvo needs to test the VERA further on in the process, we are of course open to helping them explore possibilities,” says Björn Wånge, CEO at Gothenburg RoRo Terminal.

September 13, 2018