Film crew captures RDF operations in Immingham

Every week, DFDS Immingham are handling around 1000 tonnes of bales for our RDF (refuse-derived fuel) customer, Andusia. This all happens during a 36 week-period, normally from mid-late September to May the next year. The bales consist of processed domestic waste and is made to produce fuel.

Last week, Andusia visited our terminal in Immingham with a film crew to capture some footage of the loading operation of bales.

Business Development Manager Mike Hughes and Warehouse Supervisor Nick Holmes greeted Sam Cordery from Andusia along with Chris Whitehead and Ian Miles from Film Inifinity to the terminal. Mike says: “We found the perfect place on the riverside with a great view of Tulipa Seaways and Britannia Seaways being in operation at the time. Cameras were set up behind the ferries and started recording the whole day to make a time lapse video capturing the day’s events. They were also invited on board Tulipa Seaways to shoot some footage inside the ferry. We will of course share the video with you when we receive it.”

“The whole day, despite a couple of wet periods, went well and all came away very happy with what they had achieved” concludes Mike.

Container and sideport operation. Loading and unloading bales of RDF in Immingham

June 26, 2019