Faster delivery of Proof of Delivery

IT Consultants, Logistics, Curzio Carabelli and Simon Brambley.

When DFDS won a tender to transport drinks around Europe for Monster Energy, they  required a Proof of Delivery (POD) receipt within a few hours after delivery. Since the new flows were to begin imminently, IT Consultants Simon Brambley and Curzio Carabelli quickly developed a robot using Kofax RPA (Robotic Process Automation), a software that automates manual workflows.

The robot retrieves Proof of Delivery documents from Velocity after the driver submits them, optimally via the DFDS Driver App. The robot automatically forwards the documents with identifying data to Monster Energy. This automates a process that had to be done manually and accelerates Monsters own invoicing process as well as improving their cash flow (Monster Energy also requested to receive a weekly performance report detailing the elapsed times between delivery and the sending of Proof of Delivery. Thanks to the robot, this is also now in place.

“Fantastic to see results so quickly. Probably won’t seem like much, but to Monster its honestly game changing stuff,” says Josh Jackson, Supply Chain Analytics Manager, Monster Energy.

Proof of Delivery email that are send to the customer shortly after being submitted by the driver

Available for every single client in Logistics

The robot is not only intended for Monster Energy. It is possible to quickly adapt it so other customers can benefit from it as well. In recent days, three customers have begun to receive Proof of Delivery in this way.

Simon Overkær Hansen, DIO Logistics, says: “The cooperation between Monster and DFDS really outline how we can use our IT and Digital capabilities to differentiate us from our competition. I hope and encourage that we in the future will see many other cases, where we actively use IT and Digital in our commercial activities”

Michael Bech, Vice President and Head of BU Continent says: “Digitizing the core is an essential part of the DFDS strategy, and handling Proof of Delivery is an essential part of Logistics. With the developments based on our client’s needs, we have solved a major logistic problem.

“The feedback from Monster Energy speaks for itself but at the same time we have created a tool and a set of processes that can apply to every single client in Logistics. We already see many clients asking us to deliver almost real time information. By using the DFDS Driver App (Truckcom), together with the POD robot, we are among the very few in the industry that can handle the client’s own paperwork instantly, not only dramatically increasing the service to our clients, but also benefiting our own cash and information flow. Great tool and ready to go, so all we need to do is to tell our clients and implement the process” says Michael.

If you have any potential candidates that might benefit from this new capability or to simply find out more, please contact Simon Brambley or Curzio Carabelli.

May 14, 2020