Early Christmas reward for Logistics Hamburg

This week our colleagues in Logistics Hamburg underwent their annual winter audit by Nissan, where the processes relating to the handling of Nissan car parts are inspected. This year, they successfully passed with an impressive score of 93%.

The business started with a control tower established in Hamburg in the autumn of 2015, and the expectation was for up to 150 weekly Megatrailer roundtrips, but due to car sales being lower than expected, and additional efficiency gains in packaging, this volume has never materialised, and we now run a steady 30 roundtrips each week.

“After making some adjustments to our capacity we are now managing to run it profitably. Even with lower volumes, Nissan Motors UK is still one of our top three customers in Hamburg, and is obviously worth every effort,” says Sven Ohlsen, Managing Director, Logistics Hamburg.

The auditor, Steve Metcalfe, not only visited to carry out the audit, but also to hand over in person the award as one of their best performing suppliers to DFDS’ Nissan team, represented by Bernd Grosser.

“This award reflects the good quality and high commitment by our teams in Immingham and Hamburg, and is well-deserved – thank you and congratulations to everyone involved,” says Sven.

December 19, 2017