DFDS transports huge trees into London

Our colleagues from the sales team in Immingham never know what kind of broad and varied, weird and wonderful web enquires, they will receive throughout the day and it requires a fine understanding to filter them and know which can be converted into won business.

Sarah Holloway, Commercial Director UK, says: “Sometimes we receive web enquiries mostly intended for a private moving company. In other cases, it is more specific requests like this instance where landscape and green infrastructure company, Scotscape, needed the rate for a 17 meter flatbed to deliver 15 meter tall and 6.5 tons trees into the centre of London by a driver with a FORRS accreditation in the middle of the night.

“Helen Edie from the sales team acted quickly and forwarded the case to Craig Sibson from Special Cargo. The project was carried out prior to the corona outbreak, but it was nonetheless quite the challenge due to the special requirements and conditions but with great collaboration between our colleagues, the rate was agreed, and the next time you visit London, you might be looking at trees delivered by DFDS.”

May 7, 2020